Before you begin playing the smartass, yes, this whole thing was inspired by Knuth's idea. Yes, yes, I know it. Thanks for noticing.


The First Bank of Flatland (FBF) is a financial institution founded in Flatland.

Students enrolled in any open course listed in this academic site are eligible to be granted an account.

By reporting an error from instructor's lecture notes, one has an account automatically open. Errors can be mathematical, logical, grammatical, or orthographic. Bugs in code listings are also errors.

Flatland Education Fund (FEF) rewards new account holders with a start-up reward amount. FEF works in connection to the Ministry of Education of Flatland. A distinguished scientific committee advises FEF to determine the reward amount.

Account holders may receive more rewards upon reporting more errors.


Our accounts secure assets in grade point units (Pt$), which is no legal tender. Current exchange rate is Pt$ 1.00 = US$ 0.00.

Amounts can be withdrawn according to instructions written on issued FBF cheques.

Whenever interest calculations are due, a 0.00% interest rate must be in place.

Assets are secured indefinitely and are not transferable.

Clients and Balances

As of Dec 2, 2010, our institution protects the assets of the following clients.

Account holder Previous Balance Current Balance Status
Drielle Alexsandra Carvalho da Silva 0.00 1.00 Open
Diego Roberto Lima Silva 0.00 0.60 Closed
Nathalia Demetrio Vasconcelos da Silva 0.00 0.20 Closed