71. A New Wavelet-based Multiplex System Multiresolution Division Multiplex (MRDM)


An original multiplex scheme is introduced, which is based on Mallat’s multiresolution formulation of wavelet systems. This system is adaptable and its implementation is well matched to digital signal processors and computers. The approach termed multiresolution division multiplex (MRDM) is intensive in signal processing (SP) tools, extremely flexible and can combine a variety of tributaries at different bit rates. A broad variety of orthogonal wavelet systems can endow with MRDM and the channel waveforms, and consequently the spectral shape and system performance depend upon the selected wavelets. Demultiplex can be done efficiently, since the number of floating multiplications and additions increase only linearly with the length of signals. A Haar-based MRDM scheme is presented to illustrate the versatility of this new multiplex approach.