Canticum Canticorum
Frithjof Schuon

(accommodatæ: helium magellanicum olivam)

Finitum imago Infiniti;
Hæc est finis omnium pœtica.
Omnes homines ad suum ultimum terminum opus tendit;
Cuius Archetypo peragi possunt Cælum non deficient.
Quid est, quod pulchritudinis artem?
Ut ostendam in via cordis nostri intimas
Audire ad musicam de cœlo,
Et ut animadverto: ego canticum erat.

The Song
J Frithjof Schuon, a 20th century German

A finite image of Infinity:
This is the purpose of all poetry.
All human work to its last limits tends;
Its Archetype in Heaven never ends.
What is the sense of Beauty and of Art?
To show the way into our inmost Heart–
To listen to the music of the Sky:
And then to realize: the Song was I.