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Devil's Dictionary? Say no more...

A collection of quotes is here. Want to see the quotes of the day?

News... Would you like to check the latest news? Here is a link to the CNN Web site. The MSNBC is here. And who can live without the New York Times?

Sports... The NBA page is here.

Money... Take a look at the StockMaster Mutual Fund Charts. Also, check the Mutual Funds Home Page. Other sites of interest are The Mutual Fund Network. and the Mutual Fund Research. Another nice place to visit is the Microsoft Investor site. Finally, my favorite: NETworth.

The neat stuff... Java, c|net (I hope your browser supports Java...). Solitaire for Netscape (again, Java required).

E-mail... Click here for a guide on editing e-mail messages.

The serious side... Here is a link to The Left Hemisphere, a nice place for free thinkers and skeptics to visit. Also, here is a link to the U of I Atheists and Agnostics Home Page.

The light side.... Netaholics Anonymous.

If you are into birthdays, take a peek at the World Birthday Web (you'll find your birthday-mates there). A good way to search the WWW is using Carnegie Mellon's Lycos catalog. Click here to give it a try. Another good WWW search engine is the WWWW (World Wide Web Worm). The Alta Vista Digital Web Index is here. And finally...Yahoo! (= "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle")

After having spent four years at the University of Illinois, how could I not have a link to the NCSA, the home of Mosaic? And speaking of the U of I, here is a link to their Krannert Art Museum.